Don’t miss it: International Education Week 2013

Ghanaian students Today is day 4 of International Education Week, a week in which communities, organizations, and governments highlight successes and challenges of education around the globe.  Globally citizens are gathering both in person and virtually to commemorate this special week. If you are just discovering #IEW13 no need to fear, there are still events you can attend.

1.) The Global Education Conference: Not ready to fly somewhere else for a conference? Then attend Day 5 of the Global Education conference from your couch. The virtual education conference has featured speakers such as Justin Van Fleet from the UN Special Envoy to Education, Julene Reed, Apple Distinguised Educator, and many more. Plus, there are sessions in English and Spanish. Click the link above or follow the hastag #globaled13 for more details.

2.) Watch videos from or attend the Computer-Based Math Education Summit: Hosted by UNICEF, the #CBMSummt is a two-day gathering in New York, NY of leaders, teachers, and government officials on math education and technology and STEM resources. Follow the current conference on Twitter or watch videos from last year’s summit here.

3.) Explore ways to study abroad with the State Department: If you are a U.S. Citizen, there are many ways you teach, study, or research abroad with the State Department. Visit If you are a non-US citizen, you can teach or study in the US as well. Click the same link and select “non US citizens” in the top left corner.

4.) Learn more about education in your community or another country.   Brookings Institution, a think tank in DC offers well researched reports on both domestic (U.S.) and international education. Brookings’ Center for Universal Education offers a variety of blogs and reports on education in low and middle income countries. Alternatively, you can check your local newspaper for stories.

5.) Volunteer LOCALLY. Do not limit your education week to reading and tweeting; make an impact in your local community’s literacy. You can volunteer at an after-school program, local elementary school, or teach English to immigrants in your community. Look at for listings of non-profit organizations in your country.

It is not too late; join the International Education Week from your couch, office, or school! #IEW2013


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